Rowington Parish Council Save Time using Parish Online

Rowington Parish Council Save Time using Parish Online

Rowington Parish Council explain the benefits of Parish Online and show how they've taken advantage of other tools Parish Online offers to help with their Council tasks.



 “We would recommend Parish Online to every local council. We've saved so much time and have been able to use several tools within the software to help out our Parish."

Ian Henderson, Chairman for Rowington Parish Council



By creating map layers Rowington Parish Council were able to plot and record information used for their council tasks. These maps included:


Planning Applications


Ian said 'Parish Online is particularly useful in relation to planning applications, as one of the options is to show Land Registry Cadastral numbers which can then be used to get hold of information such as title deeds.'

As Parish Online is web-based it allows Parish Council staff to access the software at any time to view this information. 


Publication of Circular Walking Routes


"One project that's in the works is the publication of circular walking routes around the area.

We linked together the existing footpaths and Rights of Way to form a circular route that can be easily followed by the public. We've been using the map layers to plot out the information and uploading details on the routes such as distances.

Our plan is to publish them on the parish council website using the Public Map tool and make them freely available for everyone to view.

The Public Map tool will save the Council time as we'll receive less enquiries as the public will be able to view the information."





  1. Improved public engagement
  2. Taking advantage of other tools within Parish Online to make parish tasks easier
  3. An on-hand repository, which can be used when reviewing planning applications


Tools Used

  1. Printing Maps
  2. Creating Map Layers
  3. Styling Map Layers 


About Rowington

Rowington Parish Council is geographically, one of the two largest parishes of the 19 parish councils and four town councils within Warwick District with a strong interest and responsibility in the wellbeing of the local community.

The area covers the communities of Rowington, Turner’s Green, Lowsonford, Pinley Green, Holywell and Mousley End.

It represents approximately 780 potential electors in 424 properties and is made up of nine councillors who meet regularly to make decisions on the work and direction of the Parish Council.


 All pictures sent to us by Rowington Parish Council. 


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Rowington Parish Council


08 February 2022


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