Parish Online is a subscription service, charged annually. Pricing is based on population, ranging from £30 to £3,000 per year.

Check the price for your council: (It's the sign-up form, but you don't have to complete it. It will tell you the price after selecting "30 day free trial").

Affordable Subscription

Our price-per-population model means Parish Online is affordable and fair for Town, Parish or Community Councils of any size.

See our Business Case for how Parish Online gives you a return on investment.

Easy Payment Methods

Annual subscriptions can be paid for by cheque, BACS or Card payment. We're VAT registered and issue printable invoices.

Group Discounts

Large discounts for Local Authorities or ALCs wanting to purchase subscriptions as a group on behalf of local councils.
Parish Online is now FREE with new 3 year BHIB Councils Insurance policies

Trial now for a

30day free trial

  • Try the fully-featured Parish Online and keep your data if you carry on with a full subscription.
  • Once your trial has ended you have the option to switch to a full subscription or even take advantage of a BHIB-funded subscription.

Subscribe now for a

10% Discount

  • For new subscribers to Parish Online who want to get started straight away with no trial period.
  • We'll give you this discount every year providing you keep a continuous subscription with Parish Online.

Free with BHIB Councils Insurance


  • For any Local Council who take a new BHIB Councils Insurance policy, Parish Online is free!
  • Don't worry if you already have a policy with another provider, you can get Parish Online if you commit to switching when your renewal is due.
  • Terms and Conditions apply, contact BHIB for details.
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