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One of the biggest risks facing any council is poor insurance cover

Parish Online is now FREE for a year with new Clear Councils Insurance policies
A Council’s insurance cover can only ever be as good as its knowledge and management of its assets.

This is because no insurance policy can adequately cover assets that have been

  • under-valued,
  • incorrectly maintained, or
  • not registered at all.

Clear Councils Insurance knows that an asset register maintained in a digital mapping system such as Parish Online vastly reduces insurance risk because:

  • the latest asset information is available to all councillors with a need to know
  • assets can be seen in their correct geographical location so there is much less chance of an asset being overlooked
  • Parish Online allows management information such as maintenance schedules and reports to be attached to each asset, thus improving the efficiency of maintenance activities such as building valuations and tree inspections.

To find out if you qualify for the Clear Councils deal, please get in touch with the Clear team.

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  • Don't worry if you already have a policy with another provider, you can get Parish Online if you commit to switching when your renewal is due.
  • Terms and Conditions apply, contact Clear for details.
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