Parish Online partners with

Walk N Talk 4 Mental Health

Normalising conversations about mental health and showing that it’s OK not to be OK.

 Ready to take those first steps towards improving your mental health?
Want to start your journey to a brighter future?
Then join Jude and the team for a walk...and a talk.
Mental health and well-being are such important topics and ones that the team at Parish Online take very seriously.

Our partnership with Walk N Talk aims to support their cause and help stop stigma around mental health.

We're proud that our software is helping to achieve Walk N Talk's objectives by allowing users to plot out walking routes, meeting points and encourage public engagement.

Walk N Talk's core values:

  • Determination to challenge stigma and promote positive attitudes to mental health.
  • Passion for social inclusion. Support for mental health across the whole community.
  • Belief in what we are offering can bring about positive changes.
If you're interested in supporting Walk N Talk and want to get involved, visit their website.

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