Parish Online partners with

National Association of Local Councils

Supporting the lowest yet most important tier of government in England and Wales

NALC supports the use of digital mapping as an essential part of modern, efficient local council management
Using Parish Online will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of Local Councils in many areas including:

  • Asset Registers,
  • Insurance,
  • Neighbourhood Planning, and,
  • Interacting with Higher Tier Councils

Town, Parish and Community Councils form the lowest and yet the most important tier of Local Government. This is where the decisions are made which most directly affect people.

Parish Council meetings are where people first go to get problems sorted out – blocked drains, speeding, fly-tipping etc. And yet Parish councils very often do not have the tools they need to fulfil their duties quickly and efficiently.

NALC supports web-based mapping systems such as Parish Online because it helps parishes to be more efficient and more effective. With Parish Online, councils can access all the information they need, such as Ordnance Survey maps, addresses, Land Registry Polygons, Listed Buildings and flood zones.

They can then add their own layers to record their parish assets, and build maps and charts to put in their Neighbourhood Plans and to exchange data with higher-tier authorities.

NALC recommends that the vital asset register should always be maintained in a digital mapping system such as Parish Online so that it is always under configuration control and available to all council staff with a need to know.

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