Land Registry Cadastral Parcels

Land Registry Cadastral Parcels

What is it?

A layer that shows the property extent of freehold properties. Within each area there's a reference number called an 'INSPIRE ID' which can be used in the HM Land Registry search site.


Where does it come from?

HM Land Registry


How often is it updated?



What area does it cover?

England and Wales


How might you use it?

This is a very useful dataset for identifying the ownership boundaries of properties.


Data Licence

Open Government Licence (OGL)


Other FAQs

I've switched the layer on but nothing shows. How do I make the data show?

Zoom in. This is a big dataset so it only shows when you're zoomed in close to the map. When you switch the layer on and it shows a warning triangle instead of a tick, it means the data is hidden at your current zoom level.


What do the 8 digit numbers mean?

These are INSPIRE-IDs and can be entered in the Land Registry website to search on that piece of land. Here's the link to the search page.


The piece of land I'm looking at doesn't show an 8 digit number. Why is that?

That means there's no freehold information for that area. This dataset is only a subset of the whole Land Registry dataset showing freehold.


Can I hide the 8 digit numbers?

No, sorry, they're part of the style of that layer.


How accurate are the outlines?

These outlines are only there to give you a reference for the land ownership. It's not the definitive record. So whether it's accurate or not, you shouldn't use it as the de-facto data.


How do I request a change in the data?

Speak to Land Registry directly. We've got no power to change the data.

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24 February 2021


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