Tadley Town Council publish their Owned Land

Tadley Town Council publish their Owned Land


Tadley Town Council have used Parish Online to plot their areas of owned land so they can get a better picture of their land ownership and communicate this information with the public.



They wanted to be able to share with residents the details of land owned by Tadley Town Council to reduce paperwork, increase the speed of responses to the council and ultimately publish information so the public can self-serve in finding information.



They used Parish Online by creating a new layer called ‘Owned Land’ and plotting the information into the layer.

Once all the owned land had been plotted, they created a series of PDFs using Parish Online’s print tool. The maps included Ordnance Survey mapping and the Owned Land overlay. These were then published on the Tadley Town Council website.

The document is now regularly updated on the website’s ‘Documents and Forms’ page, freely available to the public.



“The use of Parish Online has certainly improved the quality of the information we have been able to share with not only our residents but the general public and also partner agencies. The Owned Land layer enables us to easily work out and add information to areas that are owned by us.

We have also used Parish Online to map the location of litter bins, benches, bus shelters, noticeboards, play equipment and parish ward boundaries. So our Parish Online account is essential in helping in our daily tasks.

Parish Online has made our life a lot easier!”

Nicki Barry, Clerk to Tadley Town Council


All about Tadley

The parish of Tadley lies in the north west of Hampshire and is adjacent to the border with Berkshire. Tadley is well located, just 50 miles from London with good access to the M4 and M3 motorways.

The population of Tadley grew significantly during the 1950 and 60s with the arrival of the Atomic Weapons Establishment in Aldermaston and now stands at just over 12,000. Despite this growth, the town still retains its rural character, due to its location amidst beautiful countryside.

Tadley has a variety of shops, restaurants, takeaways, pubs, library, swimming pool and golf course. The town is served by an excellent bus service to Basingstoke with buses running every 15 minutes during peak times. Rail links from Basingstoke are also good.

Title picture Image: Zoopla. All other pictures sent to us by Tadley Town Council.

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Tadley Town Council


24 February 2021


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