Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) Data

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) Data

What is it?

This is a visualisation of all residential EPC certificate scores.

We've split the data up into 6 visualisations (shown below). You can find these layers under the "EPC" collection.


Current EPC Rating

This shows a rating label and coloured block for any record available.



Current Rating Generalised

This is the same as the data above, but generalised to two colours representing A-C and D-G. This makes it easier to see clusters of common property grades.


Potential Score Increase

This shows a calculation between the potential score and the current score, therefore indicating a property's potential to increase. A low number means it can't improve much. A big number means it can improve a lot.


Potential to C

This layer highlights properties that are currently lower than a C, but have the potential to reach a C rating. This works quite nicely when combined with the Current Rating as it essentially puts a blue halo around buildings that can improve to C or greater.