Baughurst Parish Council identify their salt bin locations

Baughurst Parish Council identify their salt bin locations


Members of the public and members of Baughurst Parish Council had no idea of where their salt bins that they owned were or what state they were in. Parish Online was used to create this information which can now be used in the day-to-day Council management.



In Winter, the salt bins can quickly become empty and it’s the role of Parish Council to quickly identify the issue and arrange for a refill.  In a rural community, trying to identify the exact location of the 20 bins in the area was proving difficult.



Baughurst Parish Council used Parish Online to plot all the salt bins in the village, tag them on Parish Online, and shared this on our website, and with Councillors, so everyone knows their exact location.

The creation of this digital map record was aided with the use of APGB aerial photography. If the location was already vaguely known, the aerial photography can give an exact location.