What is it?

This is a collection of Administrative and Political boundaries for Great Britain.

Administrative Boundaries consist of:

  • EU Regions
  • Ceremonial Counties
  • Historic Counties
  • Counties
  • District, Borough and Unitary Authorities
  • Parishes

The Political Boundaries consist of:

  • Electoral Divisions within Counties
  • Electoral Divisions within District, Borough and Unitary Authorities
  • Electoral Regions within Scotland and Wales
  • Wards within District, Borough and Unitary Authorities
  • Wards within Wales
  • Westminster Constituencies (all of GB)
  • Greater London Constituencies
  • Polling Districts in England


Where does it come from?

Ordnance Survey


How often is it updated?

This set of layers are updated every 6 months, typically in May and November.


What area does it cover?

Great Britain


How might you use it?

These datasets may be useful for:

  • discovering the area that your parish council actually covers!
  • Comparing the difference between wards and constituencies
  • Seeing what polling districts are in your area


Data Licence

Provided through Open Government Licence (V3).


Technical Blurb

These layers all contain polygons and are styled to be transparent within them and only show a border. The styling is fixed and consistent across all Parish Online accounts (e.g. all parish boundaries are blue).

By clicking on a polygon the Info Click panel will show the area in the units you specify.

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24 February 2021


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