Parish Online News - Discount Codes, Data Sharing, Icons, Flooding and Training Sessions

Parish Online News - Discount Codes, Data Sharing, Icons, Flooding and Training Sessions


Another Local Authority Shares Data

Guildford Borough Council is now sharing their Local Plan into Parish Online.

It's free and easy for your principal local authority to share data into Parish Online. It benefits all parishes in your area allowing you to self-serve, and the council receive less enquiries from you! Ask them to share their GIS data to Parish Online today. Copy This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. into the email you send and we can support the conversation with them.


Hampshire ALC Training Session

On the 4th December 2020 we will be hosting an online training session with Hampshire ALC. This session will be based around learning how Parish Online can help make your local council run efficiently using a digital mapping system.

This event will be split into two sessions, the first session in the morning will be dedicated to beginners and the afternoon session will be dedicated to the advanced users of Parish Online.

If you'd like to join or find out more about the session, click here.


Discount Codes

At Parish Online we want you to get the best price possible so we want to remind you of the currently active discount codes:

SLCC Member Discount: SLCC20
Suffolk ALC Discount: suffolk20
Staffordshire PCA Discount: spca20
WALC Discount: walc20
Surrey Heath Discount: shbc2020
Somerset ALC Discount: somerset20
Shropshire ALC Discount: shropshire20
Wealden ALC Discount: wealdon25
Wiltshire ALC Discount: wiltshire20
Hertfordshire ALC Discount: haptc20

These discount codes will expire at the end of this year, take advantage of these codes while you still can.

Please note, these codes are only available for new subscribers.


New Icon Uploads


We're in the process of updating our current asset register icons and adding new ones in, so far we've uploaded icons for poppies, water features, railway signage and equipment. At present we don't have an icon for a 'Penstock' (gate or structure that controls water flow, or an enclosed pipe that delivers water to hydro turbines and sewage systems) in the asset register. Please let us know whether you would use this icon and if so, what icon could we upload to represent it?

If you have any other suggestions for icons that you would like uploaded, please let us know

Planning Ahead for Flooding


Parish Online has been used by many local councils to help them plan for flooding events in their local area. Here are some steps you can take to produce mapping to assist your mitigation and clear-up efforts.

Proactive steps you can take to prepare for the risk of flooding in your local council area:
- Using datasets loaded into Parish Online, for example the 'Environment Agency - Flooding' layers, to help map out areas at risk of flooding.
- Use different markings and colours to plot different features such as houses and roads.
- Use 'Class-based styling' to indicate which years flooding had occurred.
- If possible, uploading images or documents to support and show areas at risk.

" Parish Online allows us to use information to prepare for possible future flooding and to evidence responses to planning applications in areas where flooding has been an issue, but which is not evident from the Environment Agency overlays. I would recommend using Parish Online for uses similar to this as it provides a simple and easy method." Mike Oldnall, Neighbourhood Plan Steering Team to Uffington Parish Council.

For more information on this and for a case study, click here.



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