Parish Online News - Allotments, Town Councils, Events, Discount Codes.

Parish Online News - Allotments, Town Councils, Events, Discount Codes.


National Allotment Map Launched

The National Allotment Map is a new initiative we've created in partnership with the National Allotment Society.

It's an editable layer, just like any other in Parish Online, except it allows you to see what everyone else has added, thus building up a national picture.

In the first instance this will be used to document existing allotment sites (a first in the country), but you can also draw in where your local council want to propose new sites or re-commission old ones.

We'll be releasing a story about the National Allotment Map on our website very soon but in the meantime, please log into Parish Online and update whatever you can on the map. You'll find two new layers under a collection called "National Layers". The Boundaries layer is for drawing whole allotment sites, and the Plots layer is for your individual plots within an allotment site.

For those who have already plotted allotments in Parish Online, that's ok, we may look at migrating that information over time, but please take a look at the new structure and see if it's something you can use.


Update for Town Councils

Calling all Town Councils!

Did you know that Parish Online is not only for smaller Parishes but also for Town Councils?

We understand that budgets are under pressure for all Local Councils so we want to take the time to remind you of the BHIB Councils Insurance deal where you can get your Parish Online subscription for FREE when you take out a 3 year deal.

BHIB will conduct a free, no obligation review of your current insurance programme and they have made Town Councils some significant premium savings this year. This is done through ensuring you have the right level of cover and protection relevant to your assets and activities.

For more inspiration take a look at how other Town Councils have utilised Parish Online:
Keynsham Town Council - Asset Management
Glastonbury Town Council - Neighbourhood Plan
Selsey Town Council - Mapping Memorial Benches
Saffron Walden Town Council - Neighbourhood Plan


Discount Codes

At Parish Online we want you to get the best price possible so we want to remind you of the currently active discount codes:

SLCC Member Discount: SLCC20
Suffolk ALC Discount: suffolk20
Staffordshire PCA Discount: spca20
WALC Discount: walc20
Surrey Heath Discount: shbc2020
Somerset ALC Discount: somerset20
Shropshire ALC Discount: shropshire20
Wealden ALC Discount: wealdon25
Wiltshire ALC Discount: wiltshire20

These discount codes will expire at the end of this year, take advantage of these codes while you still can.


Wiltshire ALC Training

Thank you to Katie Fielding (County Officer for Wiltshire ALC) for organising and hosting last weeks online training session and thank you to everyone who joined. We hope you found it useful and enjoyable!

The session was recorded so will be available to watch on our YouTube channel soon.

If you would like your local ALC to organise a training session then please get in touch with them and also let us know so that we can send more information across to them.


Cambridgeshire ACRE Event

Another thank you to Alison and all at Cambridgeshire ACRE for hosting and organising the Cambridgeshire Local Councils Conference.

We hope everyone enjoyed the event and found the workshops and meetings useful.


Thanks for reading our latest updates, if you need anything please contact us.

Many thanks,

The Parish Online Team