Parish Online News - August Edition

Parish Online News - August Edition


Planning a Community Event?


Now that school holiday's are nearly over, you may be planning your next community event. Why not use digital mapping to: 

  1. Specify event locations
  2. Allocate car parks
  3. Plan assembly areas for safety vehicles
  4. Prepare access/egress routes for emergency and local authority vehicles
  5. Plot where fetes will be situated
  6. Manage the event safely, bearing in mind potential COVID restrictions


Add Rectangles using the Feature Editor


It's now possible to place rectangle shapes into a Map Layer from the Feature Editor. You can choose your own size or you can select one of the pre-sets. If you'd like to see more pre-sets, let us know and we can add them in. We just need a name and the size in metres.


Data Sharing Update


South Oxfordshire District Council is now sharing their Conservation Areas into Parish Online.

It's free and easy for your principal local authority to share data into Parish Online. It benefits all parishes in your area allowing you to self-serve, and the council receive less enquiries from you! Ask them to share their GIS data to Parish Online today. Copy This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. into the email you send and we can support the conversation with them.


Introducing our Climate Emergency partner...


The Parish Online team take the climate emergency seriously and are proud that our software is helping to make better, more resilient communities through better planning and management.

Our partnership with ClimateGuide raises awareness of the climate emergency and highlights the fantastic services that they provide to help local councils navigate their way to a zero carbon future.

ClimateGuide's services include:


CSE Carbon Footprint Tool


For those of you who are unaware The Centre for Sustainable Energy's Impact tool gives parishes and towns data on your carbon emissions. You can then use this information to focus your community-based carbon-cutting action.

The team at Parish Online believe that this tool will make local councils more aware of their carbon footprint and therefore we have we have integrated the tool into Parish Online. Our subscribers can simply click on a council area and then click through to their own carbon 'doughnut'.


BHIB Deal Success


Since BHIB Councils Insurance launched the deal which gave Parish Online for free for policy holders it's been a great success with lots of local councils taking advantage.

As budgets are coming under increased pressure, now is the time to take advantage of the deal to make real-term savings and still have the tools you need. So we'd like to remind you that when you take out a 3 year deal with BHIB Councils Insurance you can get Parish Online for free.




A reminder of our current active discount codes:

Please note, to qualify for these discounts your council needs to be a new subscriber and a member of your regional ALC.


This Month's FAQ


Q. I've forgotten my password, what should I do?
A. You can reset your password via the login page. Click 'Reset Password', enter your email address and click 'Submit'. You will receive an email which will allow you to create a new password.


If there's anything you need from us, please raise a support ticket.

Many thanks,

The Parish Online team