Providing Evidence for Neighbourhood Plans

Providing Evidence for Neighbourhood Plans

12 Parishes in West Sussex use Parish Online to provide evidence for their Neighbourhood Plans

Maureen Chaffe has been using Parish Online for a number of years in West Sussex, where all the Parishes have free access to Parish Online as the subscription fees have been paid by the County Council. During that time Maureen has assisted 12 Parish Councils to develop Neighbourhood Plans:

"Parish Online has been invaluable in the production of Neighbourhood Plans, we have used it to prepare mail shots and create maps to provide evidence for the Examiners using the supplied national datasets. Maps we created included:

  • Flood Risk
  • Location of Ancient Monuments
  • Housing Sites
  • Local Open Spaces
  • Conservation Areas

Many parishes are only just coming to realise how useful Parish Online can be for plotting and maintaining their asset registers, managing resilience  and, using the export tool, preparing mailing lists for planning applications and surveys. A great tool with great service and back up that I would highly recommend."


To see an example of a Neighbourhood Plan that has used Parish Online to build its case, take a look at the Brixworth Neighbourhood Development Plan from 2016. It includes various maps to show:

The Extent of the Parish

The Historical Growth


Housing Types

and much more!



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