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Parish Online helps you record your asset registerproduce neighbourhood plansassess planning applicationssee data from Local Authoritiesmeasure grass cutting areassearch for property addressessee Land Registry boundariescheck flood zonesimprove traffic calming measuresview Public Rights of Way

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A brief introduction

Why does Parish Online exist?

We believe that if Local Councils have access to digital mapping tools, they'll be able to work more efficiently and ultimately improve public services.

With better public services, each Town, Community or Parish Council will be a better place to live, work and visit.

What is it?

Parish Online is a self-service mapping portal that helps your Town, Community or Parish Council use digital mapping to make your council tasks more efficient.

Why should my council subscribe?

If you have your assets and plans stored in Parish Online you will find it a huge time-saver each time they need to be referenced or updated.

Using digital mapping for your council business is also recommended by NALC.

Sharing Local Knowledge

Contribute to National Layers

We are rolling out a number of Map Layers that aren't just edited by you, but every Parish Online member.

Instead of working in isolation, your Parish Online account will connect you to assets, issues and ownership records for your neighbouring Councils and Local Authorities.

This will help build up a bigger picture of who owns assets and where they are, leading to greater knowledge and efficiencies.

Additional Services

By working with the rest of the GeoXphere team and strategic partners, we're able to provide additional services to help you make the most of Parish Online.

Cemetery Mapping

We can provide detailed cemetery maps which can be linked to your paper records, digitised and kept up-to-date.

Transitioning to digital cemetery records is key to holding accurate and easily-maintanable information.

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Tree Mapping Surveys

Using one of our professional tree specialists, you can have a survey of the the trees in your area, assessing them for condition and risk.

Up-to-date tree records are essential to avoid incidents and injury from trees close to public spaces.

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Aerial Photography

We can fly aerial survey to capture high resolution photography that fits straight into Parish Online.

Having the most up-to-date photography can really help with Neighbourhood Plans and planning application assessments.

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360 Street Mapping

We can capture up-to-date panoramic imagery, just like Google StreetView that fits straight into Parish Online.

With 360 imagery you can record the changes in your council area and produce accurate asset records.

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How much does Parish Online cost?

We charge an Annual Subscription to the software service.

We know that councils have different budgets so the subscription price is banded based on your council population.

To find out the price for your council, use our Sign Up form. It'll tell you after you've chosen your council name. While you're there, why not take out a 30 day free trial?!



  • populations up to 1,000



  • populations of 1,000 or more



  • populations of 15,000 or more



  • populations of 50,000 or more

Can I get Parish Online for free?

Yes, there are two ways in which you can get Parish Online for free:

  • If your Local Authority or ALC has negotiated a group subscription for the Local Councils in your area

  • If you have taken out a new BHIB Councils Insurance policy

Want to get started?

You'll need a PSMA number to sign up to Parish Online. Once you have your 9 digit number, click the button below to sign up.


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GeoXphere General Enquiries (note: this is not a support line): 01256 364 273

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