Parish Online News - July Edition

Parish Online News - July Edition


Making Maps for Summer Events


With the 6 week school summer holiday now approaching, your council may be planning fetes, festivals or sporting events. Why not use Parish Online to:

  1. Specify event locations
  2. Allocate car parks
  3. Plan assembly areas for safety vehicles
  4. Prepare access/egress routes for emergency and local authority vehicles
  5. Plot where stalls will be situated
  6. Manage the event safely, bearing in mind potential COVID restrictions.

Read how Fivehead Parish Council have used digital mapping to increase public engagement.


We Need Your Help...


Natural England have recently published The Biodiversity Metric 3.0. The tools and calculators are designed for calculating biodiversity net gain.

"Biodiversity Metric 3.0 can be used or specified by any development project, consenting body or landowner that needs to calculate biodiversity losses and gains for terrestrial and/or intertidal habitats. It will be this metric that underpins the Environment Bill’s provisions for mandatory biodiversity net gain in England, subject to any necessary adjustments for application to major infrastructure projects."

Read more here.

The tools currently use a free software download, QGIS. This requires a fair amount of investment in time to learn the software and tools competently. We're actively considering building the tools into Parish Online to make this an easier process for you.

So, if we were to build this functionality, would you find it a valuable and convenient addition to Parish Online?

1 - Yes, we need this

2 - Yes, I'd probably use it occasionally

3 - Perhaps, it'd be nice to have, but we don't have a use at the moment

4 - Perhaps, but I've never heard of the Biodiversity Metric

5 - No, I can use QGIS competently now so would use that

6 - No, I'd rather learn QGIS and use that

7 - Not applicable, I'm in Wales

We really appreciate your feedback as this helps us make Parish Online better for you. If you have any other comments or thoughts on this, please email us.


What's a UPRN?!


The Local Government Association has recently published a UPRN Guide to their website. This contains:

  1. a series of resources for local authorities around UPRNs
  2. the work of local Custodians
  3. How to make better use of UPRNs
  4. Using UPRNs to respond to COVID
  5. Find My Local Address and Street Custodian – a tool aimed to local authorities to identify and ask for support from Custodians to improve service delivery.



A reminder of our current active discount codes:

Devon ALC Discount: (expires 31st August): dalc20

Please note, to qualify for these discounts your council needs to be a new subscriber and a member of your regional ALC.


This Month's FAQ


Q. My Parish Boundary is wrong, can you change it?
A. We get this information from Ordnance Survey, we don't manually update any parish boundaries ourselves. Make sure you get in contact with OS just to make them aware of the changes.
If you're a grouped parish then we can modify your account to reflect the updates, please contact us to request this grouping.


If there's anything you need from us, please raise a support ticket.

Many thanks,

The Parish Online team


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