Parish Online News - Christmas Edition

Parish Online News - Christmas Edition


2020 Parish Online Wrap-Up

With 2020 coming to an end, we wanted to reflect upon this year's updates, upgrades and what amazing things you've all been doing using Parish Online.

Throughout the year, there have been many updates to Parish Online, amongst these are the following:
- The Public Map
- The Map Mask
- Increased data sharing from Local Authorities
- Collectively thousands of pounds saved through the BHIB offer

You've all been doing fantastic things, but just to name a few:
Glastonbury Town Council - Neighbourhood Plans
Compton Dundon Parish Council - Asset Management
Cranbrook Town Council - Adopted Roads
Keynsham Parish Council - Plotting Assets and Managing Events

A massive thank you to all of our subscribers, we appreciate your valued support and feedback and we look forward to continue working with you in the New Year.


Another Local Authority Shares Data


Since our last newsletter North Hertfordshire is now sharing their Conservation Area data into Parish Online. Wiltshire Council is sharing their data, including Conservation Areas, Public Rights of Way, SLA's and Settlement Boundaries (for the full list, click here). Also, Dacorum in Hertfordshire is now sharing their local plan into Parish Online for users in that area.

It's free and easy for your principal local authority to share data into Parish Online. It benefits all parishes in your area allowing you to self-serve, and the council receive less enquiries from you! Ask them to share their GIS data to Parish Online today. Copy This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. into the email you send and we can support the conversation with them.


Discount Codes

A reminder of our current active discount codes:
SLCC Member Discount (expires 4th January): SLCC20
Suffolk ALC Discount (expires 4th January): suffolk20
Staffordshire PCA Discount (expires 4th January): spca20
WALC Discount (expires 4th January): walc20
Surrey Heath Discount (expires 4th January): shbc2020
Somerset ALC Discount (expires 4th January): somerset20
Shropshire ALC Discount (expires 4th January): shropshire20
Wealden ALC Discount (expires 4th January): wealdon25
Wiltshire ALC Discount (expires 31st December): wiltshire20
Hertfordshire ALC Discount (expires 31st March): haptc20
Hampshire ALC Discount (expires 31st March): halc20

Please note, to qualify for these discounts your council needs to be a new subscriber and a member of your regional ALC.


New Icon Uploads

Following on from last months newsletter icon update, we had a few requests for extra icons to upload into Parish Online. These icons include: life saving equipment, buoys, trees and Christmas icons.

If you have any other suggestions for icons that you would like uploaded, please let us know.


Christmas Support Update

The Parish Online service will stay up-and-running throughout the Christmas period, just in case you snatch a few moments to make progress on your projects or asset management. However, the last day our office will be open is the 22nd December. From then on, we'll still be responding to support queries, but just not as quickly as usual.


Thanks for reading our last newsletter of 2020, we hope you all have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Many thanks,

The Parish Online Team