Parish Online News - Map Mask Release, Reordering Classes, Online Training & Asset Register Update

Parish Online News - Map Mask Release, Reordering Classes, Online Training & Asset Register Update


Added Asset Register Fields

We're pleased to announce that the Asset Register now has an 'Asset Value' field as well as an 'Insurance Replacement Value'. This makes it more useful because it provides councils with a view of their total asset value.

We've also added a date selector against the fields to make it easier to input the date.


Map Mask Release


We’re excited to launch a new feature for Parish Online; the Map Mask. This much-requested feature modifies the map view to make your local council the centre of attention.

The new Map Mask tool is an easy-to-use toggle button found in the footer bar that hides the information around your local council area. This immediately gives you a more focused view of your council by drawing the view towards your council area rather than the neighbouring councils.

There are three different mask options for this new tool; transparent white (which fades the neighbouring areas), transparent dark (which darkens the neighbouring areas) and solid white (which blanks out the neighbouring areas).

We’ve also included the Map Mask in the Print tool, so with a single click of a tick box you can produce a PDF map that includes your Map Mask, allowing you to make beautiful and informative maps.

For more information on how you can utilise this, click here.


Online Training Sessions


Since lock-down we have been offering online training sessions for local councils on zoom. These sessions can be tailored to your needs, including topics such as basic features/functions, editing, creating layers and much more.

These sessions are free for groups through the County ALC's. However, we are also offering one-to-one sessions for local councils, but these are chargeable.

Please click here to find out more about this, and please raise a support ticket here if you want to book a training session.


Reorder Classes


Another update we've made allows Parishes to reorder classes in the styling tool. This means parishes can make their legends look nicer and more tailored to themselves.

This works by:
1) Selecting the class which you want to move
2) Using the buttons located at the top bar (circled) to either move the class to the very top, one step up, one step down or all the way to the bottom.


Please send us a support ticket if you have any questions.

Many thanks,

The Parish Online team



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