Parish Online News - YouTube Discussion, New Icons and Coal Authority Data

Parish Online News - YouTube Discussion, New Icons and Coal Authority Data


YouTube Discussion

In the first (hopefully) series of video calls, we speak to a group of local councils and organisations about the challenges and opportunities we're all facing during the COVID-19 pandemic. We hear how councils are leading the way in bringing communities together and providing valuable local services throughout our period of isolation. 

We'd like to thank Michelle, Jill, Graham and Jonathan for joining us.

The video is available to watch on our channel. Click here to watch it.  


Historic Maps

We've got the possibility to add a vast range of historic maps dating back to the 19th Century up to the 1960's. They could have real practical uses for your council including being used to help understand the history of your local area, guide your neighbourhood plans, planning application assessments and any development in your town or village. Of course, they're also just stunning to look at! 

To host these in Parish Online is quite expensive so we'd need to charge a fee for them. Please head to our Twitter account to take part in a poll that will determine whether there is a need for them or not -


New and Updated Icons for Asset Register




We have recently updated the icons in Parish Online and have uploaded several new ones that we hope will help your council in their planning and organising.

If you have any requests for new or updated, please let us know.


Administration Update

Thank you to all the Local Councils who have sent us cheques within the last few weeks. We received several emails recently regarding delayed cheques and we wanted to update everyone that, despite the hard work of our postal services, there's at least a 2 week delay on our PO Box. If you know you've sent a cheque and are still receiving automated invoice reminders you can ignore them until they come through and we can mark it against your account.


Coal Authority Data


You can now find Coal Authority data in your accounts. This is a collection of layers made available by Coal Authority showing various coal mining information from their vast database. These datasets may be useful for you Local Council in several ways, these being finding out if a property is in an area affected by coal mining, checking if an area is in a high risk area and seeing whether there are coal and mine entries on or near the surface.

You can find more information here -


If you have any questions, please send a support ticket,

The Parish Online Team

Many thanks,

The Parish Online team



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