Parish Online News - Upcoming Features, BHIB Deal and YouTube Discussion

Parish Online News - Upcoming Features, BHIB Deal and YouTube Discussion


YouTube Discussion


In this video conversation we speak to Shropshire ALC members about footpaths, GDPR, the power of local councils, awareness of local councils since lockdown, technology and a host of other things! Plus we host our very own awards ceremony where Eric Williams of Craven Arms Town Council receives his virtual Long Service Award.

We hope that you enjoy these sessions and find them both interesting and useful.

Click here to watch the video -


Upcoming Features



We are currently working on several different features that will help increase the functionality for Parish Online, including:  

  • Public Maps - Embed simple, interactive maps in your website for the public to view. These will show your selected Parish Online layers as you update them. (We will be rolling out to a small number of test parishes very soon, wider release will be shortly after)
  • Boundary Masks - This is a grey/white mask that covers areas outside your parish boundary which will make it easier to edit and view your areas within your parish and improves the quality of your prints.
  • A larger number of print templates approved for use in planning applications by local authorities.


Reminder of BHIB Councils Insurance Deal

Just a reminder - If your Council takes a 3 year deal with BHIB Councils Insurance and you maintain your Asset Register using Parish Online and ensure inspections and valuations are carried out correctly, they are offering to pay for your Council's Parish Online subscription, in full.

If you choose to take out this deal, you'll have the peace of mind that your insurance cover is accurate and you'll no longer have to pay the Parish Online subscription with precious Council money.

If your insurance is due this year then make sure you get a quote from BHIB Councils Insurance. Don't worry if your Parish Online subscription doesn't line up to your insurance, we can sort that out.

Click here to find out more about this deal.



Please send us a support ticket if you have any questions.

Many thanks,

The Parish Online team



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