Parish Online News - Digital Asset Register Prize, DALC Conference, New Datasets

Parish Online News - Digital Asset Register Prize, DALC Conference, New Datasets

It feels like we say "it's been a busy month" in each newsletter, but it really has! With a successful Devon ALC event and more events coming up, we're spanning the country speaking to Clerks and Councillors about how to produce digital asset registers, reduce risk and improve efficiency.

Here are a few stories from this month:

First Winner of the Digital Asset Register Prize

Congratulations to the first winner of the digital asset register award - Paul Thomas from Harlestone Parish Council. For creating the highest quality digital asset register Paul won a hand-picked selection of wine from Averys of Bristol.

With the new BHIB Councils Insurance deal which offers Parish Online for free with their insurance package, there's a chance for you to win next month!

Read the story here



Devon ALC Conference

We were invited to this year's DALC conference where we ran a presentation and exhibition, both of which had a great turnout, with over 120 delegates coming to the conference.


Throughout the day we talked to several members of Local Councils, we discussed asset registers and how they use mapping to benefit their area. During the presentation we gave an introduction to Parish Online and discussed why it is such an important tool for Local Councils. We also gave an overview of its data, tools and uses.

Thank you to those who came to listen to us talking about mapping and asset registers, and to Devon ALC for running the conference.



National Grid Data Added

We've added major electricity and gas transmission lines into Parish Online. This was requested by a Local Council and we've applied it to all accounts. You might find this useful when seeing what infrastructure runs through your town or village.



Local Authority Datasets Added


We've recently added mapping data from Worcestershire, Devon, Basingstoke, Mid Devon, North Devon, Torridge and Rubgy. Let us know if you want your Local Authority to add data into Parish Online, by contacting them yourselves you can ask to put datasets into Parish Online.

See what Local Authorities share into Parish Online



If there's anything you need from us, please raise a support ticket.

Many thanks,

The Parish Online team


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