Parish Online News - Edition 11

Parish Online News - Edition 11

In this month's edition we've got a lot to share, including BHIB's new insurance deal that includes a Parish Online subscription for free.

For the last 10 years we've been providing digital mapping to Local Councils and we've been amazed at the breadth of uses that we see the software being used for. Asset management has always been high on this list as Councils use maps to plot where their assets are and ensure they're maintained correctly.

So it's with great pleasure to see that this month BHIB Council Insurance have launched a new insurance deal that gives their customers a subscription to Parish Online for free!

This is all in an effort to help Local Councils map their assets correctly, keep them valued and maintained correctly, and ultimately reduce the risk to the Council.

To find out more, see our news article or go straight to the BHIB website to get a quote for their insurance.


As mentioned above, whether you're a new or existing customer of Parish Online or BHIB insurance, you can take advantage of this new offer.



New Local Authority Datasets added

This month we've had new datasets added by Uttlesford District Council. They're sharing some really useful datasets such as:

  • Archaeological Sites
  • Conservation Areas
  • Public Rights of Way
  • Settlement Boundaries
  • Tree Preservation Orders

If you'd like your District or County to share data into your Parish Online account, let them and us know and we'll see what we can do. (Caveat, some take longer than others to get the data to us)



Print Tool updated (again!)


We've made another revision to the Print tool. When you choose a specific map scale it now shows you a more accurate red box outline. We hope that makes a big difference when producing map printouts.



New staff on the Parish Online team

If you've emailed us recently you may have noticed that it's not just Chris M, Chris W or Tom replying to you. We'd like to welcome Olivia onto the team who'll be helping with support, training and data management.



If there's anything you need from us, please raise a support ticket.

Many thanks,

The Parish Online team


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