Parish Online chooses BHIB Insurance Brokers for their business insurance

Parish Online chooses BHIB Insurance Brokers for their business insurance

Parish Online utilised their own technology to produce an accurate asset register for their business and subsequently reduced their insurance premium by 40% and increased their cover simply by switching to BHIB Insurance Brokers.

Parish Online and BHIB Councils Insurance have been in partnership since mid-2019 promoting best practice techniques for Local Councils when managing their asset registers. This has been a great success with many Councils taking out BHIB Councils Insurance policies so they can benefit from the power of digital mapping with Parish Online.


The Parish Online team have seen how it’s helped Local Councils so figured that they should see how BHIB compared when their business insurance came around for renewal. Parish Online is a service provided by Geoxphere so the policy needed to cover all aspects of the company’s business, including protecting our valued Parish Online customers.


Like many other companies, insurance should be but isn’t always front of mind. In previous years it’s been a case of doing a quick Internet search, using a comparison site, making sure the cheapest policy covers what you think you need and that’s it. However, this year with the help of BHIB Insurance Brokers’ team Geoxphere’s cover has been compiled properly, and it was much easier than was anticipated.


The first step was to use Geoxphere’s own internal copy of Parish Online to plot out their assets. Geoxphere only has one office in the centre of Basingstoke but they have some staff who work remotely. You would think that mapping out the contents of an office would be difficult in a map that scales to the whole country, but it wasn’t. Chris Mewse, Managing Director of Geoxphere explains the process.


“We decided to use our own mapping software for the same purpose as we provide it to our Local Council customers for. We logged into our own account, zoomed into the outline of our office and started adding points into the Asset Register layers.

We plotted all our furniture and computer equipment, even the fridge and our robot vacuum cleaner (yes, we’re nerdy enough to have a robot do our hoovering!). We assigned accurate make and model descriptions to each of the items, entered replacement values, and finally took photos of all the equipment and added them as attachments to the corresponding items.

We thought it would take a lifetime to do, but we timed it and it took less than 30 minutes.”



Using Parish Online, maps were produced of the assets to show their location, and an Asset Register was exported in a Spreadsheet format with all the detail included. This was provided to Richard from BHIB which allowed him to quickly sum all of our asset values and replacement values in order to get an accurate quotation.


Within 24 hours of starting the process, and less than an hour of company time, Geoxphere had a new insurance policy for the year that not only exceeded the previous year’s policy in terms of cover but was considerably cheaper! This made Chris and the team very happy!


“Even though we have seen first-hand how meticulous and professional the team at BHIB are through our Parish Online work, we were still dubious as to whether they could find the cover we need cheaper than our previous policy, especially considering we were now factoring in real-world replacement values, not just as-bought values.

We’ve saved just over 40% from our what our renewal quote was. That’s huge! It also means we can have a proper Christmas party this year (if the restaurants are still open)!”


The BHIB team were able to arrange the following policies for Geoxphere:


This means Geoxphere can continue to provide the Parish Online service knowing that they’re fully covered should the worst happen.


BHIB Councils Insurance are offering Local Councils a free subscription to Parish Online as part of their new 3-year insurance packages. This gives councils the tools to do just as Geoxphere did and plot out their assets and get great insurance so they can protect the organisation and the public.