New data available for Hertfordshire Councils

New data available for Hertfordshire Councils

Following a recent request from Sandridge Parish Neighbourhood Plan Group we have now uploaded and made available 2 new data-sets for all Parish Online accounts within Hertfordshire County Council. These will be available in a blue collection folder named Hertfordshire County Council.

Public Rights of Way

This is a layer showing all of the public rights of way for Hertfordshire County Council which includes the following classifications:

  • Byway open to all traffic
  • Restricted Byway
  • Bridleway
  • Footpath
  • Temporary Footpath
  • Temporarily Closed Footpath
  • Unmetalled Unclassified County Road
  • Rights of way PTRO

Please note that The Rights of Way information in this layer is based on information from the Definitive Map of Public Rights of Way produced by Hertfordshire County Council. The accuracy of this plan cannot be guaranteed and If in doubt the Definitive Map should be consulted.

The Definitive Map is only legally conclusive at the scale it was drawn at, which is 1:10,000.

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Local Landscape Areas

The Local Landscape Areas data data has been developed to support better decision-making with regard to landscape conservation and management and development planning and management. Maps have been used to record analysts', field surveyors' and consultees' views and the landscape has been subdivided into areas which have an 'identity', typically linked to physical or cultural factors, but which may simply be recognised as such by local communities. These areas are described in detail in landscape character area statements. The statements can be used by developers, their agents and planners and charitable bodies to help guide development and landscape change to be more sustainable.

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Please remember that Getmapping & Parish Online are not responsible for the content of these layers and that any queries with regards to accuracy, errors, or omissions should be directed at the contacts provided in the Metatdata documents.

We now have data available for 36 Local Authority Areas across the UK.



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