Easier process for trialling Parish Online

Easier process for trialling Parish Online

As part of our upgrade to the Parish Online we’ve improved how Local Councils can try out our software, with every subscriber now getting one month free.


Previously a Local Council would need to register for a free trial and then if they wanted to continue with an annual subscription they’d need to go back to our site and register again. This got a bit tedious (for everyone involved!).


Control over your subscription

Now we have just one subscription page which registers your Local Council with Parish Online and automatically gives you a 1 month free. If you’re confident you want to continue using Parish Online then you don’t need to do anything else, we’ll automatically generate a subscription invoice after the 30 days. If you don’t want to, just click ‘Disable Auto-Renew’ from the Billing tab in your account.

Trial Parish Online then continue with full functionality or let it lapse and come back at any time



Coming back to Parish Online

If you’ve disabled auto-renew and your free trial lapses, you’ll still be able to log into Parish Online at any time but you won’t get the full functionality and mapping data. To start up your subscription again simply go back to the Billing tab and click ‘Upgrade’. There’s no time wasted having to re-register.


Waiting for Approval

Being able to ‘lapse’ your account avoids a common problem for Parish Clerks using the old system, such as having to wait for approval before signing up. You can now trial Parish Online at any time then once approval has been given you can log in and upgrade to a full account.


Visibility of Subscription Dates

We’ve included more information in the Billing tab so you can now see subscription dates and any discounts applied to your account. This will be useful for getting approval before the renewal date, rather than being surprised by an unexpected invoice!


See your renewal date and annual subscription cost


Mapping Licences blended in

The new subscription form also makes it easier managing your mapping subscriptions. For example, if you’re not already signed up to the PSGA or APGB then you can choose an option that will allow us to help you get registered. We’re improving this all the time with our mapping partners as we’re aware that most people don’t understand how these mapping licences work. Just one more thing to make it easier for you.


To start your trial subscription, click here.


We’d love feedback on this new method so please get in touch if you’d like to discuss anything.

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