Changes to Parish Online discounts

Changes to Parish Online discounts

To ensure we continue to provide best-in-class mapping software for Local Councils, we’re having to make some small changes to the way discounts are applied in Parish Online.

When we started Parish Online in 2009, our focus was to make digital mapping easy, accessible, and cost-effective to use. Over a decade later we still have that focus and we have extremely loyal subscribers that have entrusted us to provide software for them to help them with their daily tasks in Local Government.

We love to build new features and continuously improve the software. One particular new feature is the Public Map. It allows local councils to publish interactive maps on their website and it’s been really exciting to see how it’s been used so widely to engage with the public, show the professionalism and organisation of local councils, and as a result, improve local services.

Behind the scenes we have servers, storage, security processes and all sorts of things that make Parish Online tick and those costs keep increasing. So, to help we need to find ways to make sure we can keep these services running.

We take any changes to our pricing very seriously, so we’ve been very reluctant to make any price increases in the last few years and haven’t increased by RPI for a long time. That’s going to remain the same. We don’t have any intention to bump up prices but we do have a need to make sure Parish Online can continue to cover its costs and continue to develop new and exciting features that benefit all. We’ve taken a look at the discounts we have applied to accounts. Those discounts are there for a reason, typically applied where a council has used our service for a long time and we’ve rewarded that loyalty. We’ll be keeping these discounts, but we’re going to be making a small reduction in the percentage amount for the small number that have a 50% or more discount.

Any discounts that are 50% or over will be reduced by 5% per year until they’re down to 50% discount. This is a deliberately slow and gradual process so the impact is only £10 per year on average.

Now is obviously not a great time to be changing pricing and we want to do our bit to support local councils as best we can so we’re going to defer this change until 2021.

We’re confident that Parish Online still represents outstanding value for money and we’d be hard-pressed to find a council that can’t realise a great return on investment (take a look at our Business Case page) so we hope that, and it’s a big hope, that the affected councils believe in us and continue to use our software.

And if the change is a hard-sell, then there’s still the opportunity to get Parish Online for free through BHIB Councils Insurance. They’ll pay for your subscription as part of their insurance package. This can mean a reduction in your renewal quote as well as getting Parish Online paid for. Please take a look at their website to request a quote.

Thank you for your understanding and, needless to say, we’ll continue to work hard to make Parish Online work for you.