BHIB Councils Insurance is offering Parish Online for free

BHIB Councils Insurance is offering Parish Online for free

BHIB Councils Insurance has launched a new initiative offering Parish Online subscriptions free for Councils who insure with them.



What's the offer?

BHIB are offering to pay for your Council's Parish Online subscription, in full, if your Council sign a new three-year BHIB insurance contract, maintain your Asset Register using our mapping software, and ensure inspections and valuations are carried out correctly.

Contact BHIB to get Parish Online for free


Why are they doing this?

As an independent broker BHIB Councils Insurance is working for you, making sure you've got the right level of cover at the right price. And when it comes to claims, they're on your side making sure you get what's deserved.

The key insurance challenge for your Council is to know exactly what assets you own and what liabilities you face. How many streetlights there are? When was the playground equipment last inspected? What is the value of the council offices? Who is liable if that tree falls across a road?

BHIB are always looking for ways to support councils to manage and reduce their risks, and they know that maintaining a comprehensive asset register makes a huge difference. They are therefore working in partnership with Parish Online to develop a comprehensive web-based Insurance Asset Register for Local Councils. BHIB chose Parish Online because it is recommended as the preferred Digital Mapping System by NALC, and because building asset registers is one of its core functions.



What are the benefits?

For your Council, you'll have the peace of mind that your insurance cover is correct, and you'll no longer have to pay the Parish Online subscription with precious Council money.

For us at Parish Online, we think it's a great initiative as it shows the power of our mapping software. Plus we can invest even more time and effort into the service knowing that we have long-term subscribers.


How do I apply for this deal?

Please go to the BHIB website and fill in the Request for Quote form. A member of the BHIB team will get in touch and we'll handle it from there.


I'm already a Parish Online and/or BHIB customer, what do I do?

BHIB will fund your subscription if you sign up to a new 3 year deal. Once that's been confirmed we'll modify your subscription and your renewal will be handled by BHIB.

If you don't yet have a Parish Online account, sign up to a 30 day free trial now and when BHIB confirm your insurance policy with us we can convert it to a BHIB-funded subscription. If there's time in-between signing up for a trial and getting BHIB insurance, you can either stop a full subscription starting, or pay for your first subscription year.


I'm still in a fixed term with my current provider, what do I do?

No problem, if you contact BHIB and let them know you want to switch when your renewal comes up, they'll be able to see if you qualify for a free Parish Online subscription.


Any other questions?

Please get in touch if you have any questions. If it's insurance related, it's best to contact BHIB rather than Parish Online.


The team at Parish Online would like to thank Michelle South (BHIB) and the team at BHIB and Aviva for making this happen. We see the power of digital mapping and we're pleased that we can be involved in this exciting initiative.


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