Harnessing local knowledge to improve efficiency

By using the same software platform, different tiers of Councils can collaborate to create joined-up layers of information

A brief introduction

What's this all about?

We've seen that the use of digital mapping through Parish Online, different tiers of Councils have seen improvements in the way they work.

Town, Community and Parish Councils are the most local form of government and often hold the most accurate and up-to-date information about their location.

However, that information is not always shared, leaving higher tiers of Council using outdated and incorrect maps. Likewise, Local Councils don't always get the information they need from higher tiers.

This initiative seeks to bring this information together so that it's regularly updated and accessible to all.

What are we doing?

We've built a cloud-based software architecture that allows all tiers of Councils to log in and contribute to the information that matters to them.

Typical examples include publicly-owned land, street-light ownership, tree risk information, and much more.

We're starting small with some forward-thinking Councils such as West Sussex County Council (WSCC) and Bath & North East Somerset (B&NES) to showcase this joined-up way of working, and then expanding into other areas where there are proactive councils.

What can I do?

If you're a Town, Community or Parish Council you can sign up to Parish Online and access and edit these shared national layers.

If you're a District, County or Unitary then you can consider ordering a group licence for all your Local Councils and begin collaboration in a structured way.

Either way, the Parish Online team and NALC are here to help.

Group Pricing

Typically 40% off the individual pricing

To make group purchases really easy for Local Government, we've added it to the Government Digital Marketplace (G-Cloud). This means we're pre-approved to purchase from without a tender process.

Our G-Cloud listing has a price sheet so you can find out how much your group will be instantly.

p.s. if you need to haggle, give us a call!

Data Shared by Local Authorities

Use this list to see what layers of information the Local Authority in your area shares with Parish Online. This list is being regularly updated.

Arun District Council
  • Built-up Area boundaries
Bath and North East Somerset Council
Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council
Bradford Council
Buckinghamshire County Council
Cornwall Council
Devon County Council
East Sussex County Council
Gloucestershire County Council
Hampshire County Council
Hertfordshire County Council
Mid Devon District Council
Mid Sussex District Council
North Devon District Council
Nottinghamshire County Council
Oxfordshire County Council
Rugby Borough Council
Somerset County Council
Staffordshire County Council
South Somerset District Council
Suffolk County Council
Torridge District Council
Norfolk County Council
Uttlesford District Council
Warwickshire County Council
West Sussex County Council
Wiltshire Council
Worcestershire County Council

Case Studies

Read short overviews of the rationale for these Councils adopting group licences for Parish Online:
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