• Parish Online can be used to manage allotment plots by mapping them out in a new layer, and recording the owner and term.

    The use of mapping has also been used to plan additional works, such as in West Sussex to alleviate flooding.

    A layer can be created within Parish Online and the plots drawn out on the map. Information such as expiry date and tenant can be added to each object which can then be easily referred back to as required. This is a live map document that can be maintained over time.



  • Winchfield Parish Council have used Parish Online to plot layers of information that build up their Neighbourhood Plan.

  • Parish Online can be used when the Council needs to review a planning application. By overlaying relevant constraints layers such as flood risk, SSSIs, ancient woodland etc, a picture can be built up making it easier to assess how the new development will impact the town or village.

    The first step is to identify the location of the application. This can be done using the address search tool:

    Then using this Map Layers panel, choose a range of constraints that might affect development in the area, such as flood risk, SSSIs and Ancient Woodland:

    It's now possible to see that there are a number of factors in the local area, but none contain the address in question. This may affect your decision on how development can be undertaken in the area without adversely affecting the environment.


  • After our recent bout of cold weather and snow, our minds are now turning to flooding and surface water issues.

  • In this article we take a look at how a Parish in Aylesbury Vale has had the bright idea (sorry) to map their street lights using Parish Online.

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