Case Studies

The beauty of digital mapping is that it can be used for almost anything!

Parish Online is commonly used for:

Building Neighbourhood Plans

Creating themed layers of information builds up a picture of your area's history and a design for its future.

Keeping asset register records

Managing assets in Parish Online means accurate information is available when you most need it.

Visualising resilience plans

Whether it's flooding, drainage, transport or winter preparedness, Parish Online helps visualise issues in your area.
Want to showcase how efficient, modern and generally fantastic your council has been through using digitial mapping? Download our case study template and send us your story.

Saving staff time

Use Parish Online to store and retrieve information quickly and easily.

Reducing risk

Storing information in Parish Online means your data is protected and stored securely in the cloud.

Sharing the load

Have volunteers and consultants use Parish Online to collect and maintain useful information.

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Free with BHIB Councils Insurance


  • For any Council who take a new 3 year BHIB Councils Insurance policy, Parish Online is free!
  • Don't worry if you already have a policy with another provider, you can get Parish Online if you commit to switching when your renewal is due.
  • Terms and Conditions apply, contact BHIB for details.
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