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Using the editor: Part 2 - Editing existing objects

 Editing an existing object


Step 1: Open the editor - To edit an existing object, first ensure that the editor tool is open and that the object to edit is visible on the map.

Step 2:  Select the object to edit - Next, on the map click on the object to edit. A list of objects found at that location will then be shown in a list in the editor window. Hover over each item in the list (the object will be highlighted on the map) and select the object to edit.

Step 3: Edit the shape and attribute information - Once the object to edit has been selected the attribute information can be updated by clicking in the text box and editing the text. The location and shape can also be edited:

  • Moving the location of a point (blue circle): Click on the blue circle (it will become yellow), and drag to the desired location.
  • Adding a new point to a line/polygon boundary: Select one of the grey circles (that appear between 2 points on a line) to activate the new point and drag to the desired location.
  • Removing a point from a line/polygon boundary: Select the point to remove (it will become yellow) and press Delete on the keyboard.

Step 4: Save the changes - Once all edits have been made, click ‘Save’ in the editor tool window.


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